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There are many people who contributed to Compart Systems from its formation in the mid 1990’s until today. These individuals and their contributions have made Compart Systems a growing technological leader with an established solid foundation and structure to make Compart Systems stronger, more effective and innovative today and for the years to come. It has been said you are only as good as the people working with you and it is the vision, passion, pride, taking ownership and working as a team which drives these individuals to go that extra step and push for success while living in the moment and preparing for the future.

Compart Systems’ leadership realized the Semiconductor industry gas and chemical delivery systems required specialized materials and products to ensure process purities and increased safety. Compart Systems realized this as a strong niche market requiring high-precision machining, specialized post processes and integrated new and innovative technology solutions. These coupled with stringent quality control give our customers the competitive advantages they require.

With the Semiconductor demands increasing to the highest levels of growth seen in decades and technologies driving for line widths below 10nm in the products used in their Wafer Fab Equipment (WFE), Compart Systems has made some significant investments. Compart Systems growth investments include additional high-precision CNC machines as well as additional capacity expansion in Electropolish and Welding (E-Beam, Laser, Orbital TIG Welding) within their Shenzhen China manufacturing facilities.

For the technology investments required to move the Semiconductor industry to sub 10nm geometries and new leading-edge materials, Compart Systems created TriClean®  SEMI F20 UHP raw material. TriClean® material places Compart Systems into a very unique and competitive position with the Semiconductor Industry. When used in WFE Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) flow products, TriClean® increases the material corrosion resistivity and performance to the stringent purity and surface chemistry requirements at a cost below the existing material solutions.

Compart Systems continues to invest in developing or securing technologies and Intellectual Properties (IP) supporting the Semiconductor sub 10nm and Ultra High Purity (UHP) requirements. These IP investments coupled with our overall capabilities and capacity investments allows Compart Systems to better support our customers within the industries they serve.

To explore how Compart Systems can become your valued supplier for your critical products and systems, please contact our Business Development team.


Compart Systems’ foundation and commitment is to reach for the highest level of integrity in everything we do internally and externally.  Integrity begins with our management team and is instilled throughout our organization inclusive of our supply chain.

Compart Systems ensures the structure and tools are available for all employees and suppliers and maintains an open-door policy. Compart understands our customers information and products are their intellectual property and therefore protects this information as if it were our own.


Compart Systems understands our customer’s products begin with the integrity of the raw material and for this reason we work very closely with our material suppliers to ensure they unders Environmental monitoring data list tand the material requirements and take the proper measures to guarantee we receive what we order. To further establish the material integrity and compliance, Compart Systems had invested in an Optical Emission Spectrometer (OES) which identifies all elements and the concentration of these elements in the Stainless Steel raw material.

To further ensure the quality and integrity of the raw material, Compart Systems will use the OES and test the raw material upon arrival validating the material meets the Mill Certificate of Compliance (CoC). To continue and establish the raw material integrity, Compart Systems Quality team identifies the OES sample sizes of raw material to test prior to beginning the manufacturing process.

Waster water performance

Contaminant Test value Standard Result
PH 7.5 6~9 Pass
COD (mg/L) 23.5 ≤110 Pass
NH3 (mg/L) 0.3 ≤10 Pass
TP    (mg/L) 0.21 ≤1 Pass

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