Compart Systems has very diverse and industry focused capabilities we offer to our customers. These capabilities are integrated to ensure we provide products and solutions to meet or exceed our customer’s expectations and product requirements. Listed below is our pyramid of capabilities and offers we provide our customers.

The terminology of Build to Print refers to receiving our customer’s drawings and specifications and manufacturing their products to these specifications. This is accomplished using our high-precision CNC machining coupled with our specialized secondary processing , engineering and quality commitment throughout the entire manufacturing process. Our commitment to our customers is to ensure integrity and traceability beginning from the moment we receive the request for quotation to the production of the First Article and throughout our manufacturing processes to final receipt of the products to their desired facility.


Compart Systems manufactures and supplies Semiconductor grade Fittings products to support our customer demands. These fitting products range from 1/8” to 1” applications and are used in high vacuum or pressure systems to complete the flow path of our customers products. These Fittings are an enabler for Compart Systems to integrate with our customers products or assemblies thereby delivering value added one stop shop solutions.

Compart Systems utilizes Banner Industries, an industry leader in High Purity Flow Components, as our distribution channel of our Fittings to customers serving the semiconductor facilities, Wafer Fabs, Laboratory and Mechanical Contractors.

With the Semiconductor industry moving to sub 10nm geometries and new leading-edge materials and Semiconductor processes like 3D Nand and Atomic Layer Deposition (ALD), product cleanliness and corrosion resistivity has become the new challenge in flow control products and systems. In 2012 till 2014 Compart Systems working closely with our European Mill supplier, developed a better more homogenous corrosion resistant SEMI F20 UHP raw material for the Semiconductor industry. The investment made by both of us encompassed hundreds of man hours and came at a cost well over $1,000,000 dollars. This commitment and drive to develop this material was a great success and TriClean was developed. TriClean is a Triple Remelt SEMI F20 UHP raw material whose corrosion resistivity properties are greater than 2.5 to 11 times the industry standard SEMI F20 UHP material while lowering if not eliminating unwanted inclusions.

For our customers who are at the leading edge and providing flow control product solutions to the Semiconductor industry, TriClean is the solution to further increase the reliability and resistivity to corrosion gases used within Wafer Fab Equipment (WFE) Gas Systems. For more information please contact us.

Existing Material – CPT Testing

AOD/VAR – 110C

VIM/VAR – 330C

Following Inclusion

TriClean® Material – CPT Testing

TriClean® – >800C

Fully Passive – No Pits

The two (2) pictures shown above on the left are the results of performing Critical Pitting Temperature (CPT) testing on original SEMI F20 UHP raw material and the picture on the right is the CPT results of TriClean material.  As you can see in the results above, TriClean not only performed better but the surface was still fully passive with no corrosion pits after running the CPT test.

Compart Systems knows the importance of having inventory to properly support customers in the Semiconductor, Medical and Industrial markets. It is for this reason Compart offers Consignment, Vendor Mange Inventory and Kanban programs for our strategic customers. Our Business Development and Factory will work with you to design and implement the proper program to support the critical and consistent product demands. These programs ensure you have Compart inventory at your site when you need it. Contact our Business Development or Customer Service personnel to discuss these programs and how it can help you and your organization.

Specialized Integration Products and Offers

Compart Systems has been very successful in providing our customers with value added solutions through Low Level Assembly and Integration offers. By providing these products and services, our customers can focus more on their core competency while Compart Systems takes care of integrating various products together into a low-level mechanical assembly. These assemblies utilize Compart Systems fitting and Ultra-High Purity Fittings as well as other surface mount products and tubing to create Weldments or Gas Stick assemblies.

With Compart’s multiple manufacturing facilities located in Asia you can rest assured you will receive your product on time and to your specifications. By having the low level mechanical integration at multiple sites, it affords our customers reduced risks and flexibility.

Compart Systems is involved in complex and critical High-Level Integration products providing cost effective value add products with unsurpassed Quality for our customers in the Semiconductor, Medical and Industrial markets. This is a unique value add offer of which Compart Systems relies on the extensive Engineering, Manufacturing, Product and Business Development expertise to ensure the program is a success. Compart Systems tries to maintain 70% machining and 30% purchase content on high level integration programs but will make adjusts depending on the criticality and importance of the program.

Compart Systems starts this high value added and complex program by identifying a dedicated Engineering, Quality. Product and Business Development team who work directly with our customers internal R&D, Manufacturing and Quality personnel. Regular meetings and collaboration throughout the exploration and validation phases take place ensuring effective and streamline communications.  With this approach Compart Systems has demonstrated the ability to shorten the Time-to-Market, Time-to-Revenue and provide our customers. Our customers have seen improved first pass yields and an overall improvement in the quality, reliability and consistency or performance of their products.