There are many people who contributed to Compart Systems from its formation until today. These individuals and their contributions have made Compart Systems a growing leader with an established solid foundation and structure to make Compart Systems stronger, more effective and innovative today and for the years to come. It has been said you are only as good as the people working with you and it is the vision, passion, pride, taking ownership and working as a team which drives these individuals to go that extra step and push for success while living in the moment and preparing for the future. Compart began with the vision and commitment of Mr. SS Wong of Broadway Industrial Group Limited in 2004 after the purchase of BAR Manufacturing. Bar Manufacturing began in the early 1990’s, located in El Dorado Hills California, and had their own branded line of  Fittings and Components.

In 2005 Compart’s leadership realized the Semiconductor industry gas and chemical delivery systems required specialized materials and products to ensure process purities and increased safety while going through a significant increase in capacity. Compart realized this as a strong niche market requiring high-precision machining, specialized post processes and integrated solutions coupled with stringent quality control for the Semiconductor Industry Ultra High Purity (UHP) gas and chemical products and systems.

It was in 2006 when Compart began moving to Shenzhen China as their primary manufacturing facility for producing these products and systems for the Semiconductor Industry. These disciplines and capabilities coupled with the lower cost to manufacture these products and systems are instrumental in the success of Compart. The success and strength of Compart positioned them to capture the manufacturing of a new modular surface mount platform and fluid systems developed by top Semiconductor capital equipment makers.

Compart continued to gain market share in the manufacturing of these new platforms and systems as well as strengthened their position as a major manufacturer for Valves, Regulators, Filter, Transducers and Mass Flow Controllers (MFC) products. These critical products are required to control the pressure, flow and sensing of the gases and chemicals in these advanced gas and fluid systems within the Semiconductor industry.

Compart Systems continued to provide more value add integration offers as identified in the Compart Systems Pyramid. In 2007 Compart Systems began the low-level integration offers to the largest Semiconductor WFE original equipment manufacturer by providing modular gas stick assemblies inclusive of the industry surfaced mount product K1S and weldments. Compart Systems successfully expanded the capability of providing High-Level integration product offers for a major Medical equipment manufacturer in 2008. Compart Systems is an industry originator to provide manufacturing, full integration and testing of the most critical product (MFC) in the Semiconductor Industry WFE gas delivery systems in 2013. Compart Systems knows the confidentiality of our customers information and knows some of the information may be controlled by the United States’ Department of Commerce’s Export Administration Regulations (EAR). In 2014 Compart Systems created the Technology Control Plan (TCP) with the goal to prevent unauthorized exploration of protected items and products, information, or technology therefore we require our customers to classify the technical information under the U.S. Export Control requirements properly and to adhere to our TCP structure.

With the Semiconductor demands increasing to the highest levels of growth seen in decades and technologies driving for line widths below 10nm and Samsung requesting for additional Korea content in the products used in their WFE, Compart Systems has made some significant investments recently. The growth investments include additional high-precision CNC machines as well as additional capacity expansion in Electropolish, Welding (E-Beam, Laser, Orbital TIG Welding), Burnishing and Deburring within our Shenzhen manufacturing facilities. To assist our customers with achieving additional Korea content in their products and systems shipped to Samsung, Compart Systems opened an integration facility within 5km from the Samsung Wafer Fab complexes. The integration facility is focused on Weldments (Orbital and Manual TIG Welding) and MFC integration and flow calibration for our strategic customers.

For the technology investments required to the Semiconductor industry moving to sub 10nm geometries and new leading-edge materials and Semiconductor processes like 3D Nand and Atomic Layer Deposition (ALD), Compart Systems created TriClean® SEMI F20 UHP raw material. TriClean® material places Compart Systems into a very unique and competitive position with the Semiconductor Industry WFE original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) due to its increased corrosion resistivity, performance to the stringent purity and surface chemistry requirements at a cost below the existing material solutions.

Compart Systems continues to invest in our capabilities and capacity to support our customers within the industries they serve. To explore how Compart Systems can become your valued supplier for your critical products and systems, please contact our Business Development team.

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